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Brabantia Replacement Ironing Board Covers

Brabantia Ironing Board Covers are:

  • Made with High Quality Materials - 100% Cotton, even Silicone
  • Sizes Available for all Brabantia Ironing Boards
  • Color-coded to Indicate Specific Sizes

    You bought a brand-new Brabantia ironing board, but after a number of uses it certainly doesn't look new anymore. Worn-out and stained, it's probably time to purchase a replacement ironing board cover to give it a burst of new life.

    The replacement covers come in a variety of sizes to fit your specific Brabantia ironing table. Brabantia uses a color label system to ensure that you are using the correct replacement cover for your specific ironing board. It doesn't get much easier than that.

    There are essentially three correlating ironing board sizes:

  • 49 x 15
  • 49 x 18
  • 53 x 18

    Brabantia's ironing board covers come in a myriad of cheerful colors and styles - from blues, yellows and a "raindrop" theme to basic ecru and metallic, all made of heat-resistant, high-quality 100% cotton or heartier fabrics like silicone for longevity. Iron your delicates worry-free.

    In addition to being stylish, Brabantia's replacement covers use a drawstring and stretch mechanism making them simple to put on and easy to fit.

    Some ironing board covers are prone to wrinkles and lumps, which makes ironing on them an unpleasant experience. Brabantia's stretch-style covers are ideal because they can be pulled tight to ensure smooth, even coverage over the entire board.

    Purchase your replacement covers individually or in convenient two-packs.