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Brabantia Ironing Boards

Ironing can be a real chore-but if you have the right equipment, you'll be much more motivated to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Brabantia offers a number of ironing board selections that you'll want to check out, no matter how often you iron, or how large your laundry room is.

All Brabantia ironing boards are great quality, and are equipped with safety locks for extra security, as well as non-slip legs and handles to added safety. Many of the ironing boards also come with a meal steam unit or iron holder, so you don't have to rest your iron directly on the board, or worry about damaging the ironing board cover. These models include the Brabantia 49"x15" Steam Ironing Table with Steel Iron Rest in gray and the board is also available with a pull-out iron rest in black. You can also choose from ironing boards that come with a linen rack attached to the board, so that you can hang your clothes right after ironing to avoid wrinkling them again. Among these models is the Brabantia 49"x 18" Steam Ironing Table with Steam Iron Rest and Linen Rack.

Each of the ironing boards has a strong and steady work table, so you can iron several items of clothing at one time, and even place them on the board without worry about the board bending breaking. The ironing boards are ideal for steam units, although they work well with normal irons; however, steam units tend to yield better results when it comes to removing wrinkles from all types of clothing. Brabantia ironing boards help to solve the problem of condensation building up on the ironing board and onto the floor due to steam units with the steam control feature that is built into each of the ironing boards. Brabantia even offers an ironing board chair-this item is the perfect compliment to any of the ironing boards, as it allows you to sit down while ironing, making the task much more comfortable. The chair is also adjustable so you can sit in it at a height that is comfortable for you, and it is easy to store when you're not using it.

The prices for Brabantia ironing boards range from $35-$300, so you can definitely find an ironing board that is within your price range, is space-efficient, and has just the features that you need. All ironing boards can easily be stored in a closet or laundry room, and you can even change the covers to match your laundry room décor.

For more information on choices of Brabantia ironing boards, or for details on how to order, visit Brabantia Online to get full descriptions and images of the ironing boards and other products Brabantia offers. You can save by purchasing Brabantia products online, as well as find out about affiliate companies, such as The Gourmet Kitchen, where you can purchase kitchen and traveling utensils for everyday life, or for life on the go. Check out quality ironing boards and other home accessories today at Brabantia Online.